Welcome to the home of Boy Scout Troop 372!  Our unit proudly serves the North Texas communities of Savannah, Paloma Creek, Providence, and Aubrey.  We are proud of our young unit and recognize that we are different from other Troops:

  • We measure success by our impact on the individual scout and their achievement, not on how many scouts we have in the Troop.                        
  • We think scouting is all about high adventure and our scouts plan the camps to include rock climbing, canoeing, survival, water sports, etc. 2015 brings a new adventures to the Venturing Crew , Philmont Summer Hiking Trek.  2014 we headed to Northern Tier, the BSA's oldest national High Adventure program, and Philmont's Winter Trek.  In 2013 we had a trek go to Seabase, a BSA High Adventure camp, to sail around the Bahamas for 7 days.                                                                                                                                                                    
  • We encourage parents to get involved, Dads & Moms, to be a part of their sons' lives and experiences.  While no one is allowed to be a "parent" at our camps, the opportunity to see your son rappel down a cliff for the first time or hike further than he thought possible is pretty darn awesome.      

As a means to develop great future leaders, Troop 372 is a boy led Boy Scout Troop where scouts...

  • elect their own youth leaders
  • plan their activities and events
  • serve the community

Our adult Scout Leaders serve as mentors and offer support and guidance as needed and requested. Our monthly camp outs are at locations requested by the scouts and are centered on activities selected by the scouts. Our leaders then help elevate these activities into fun ways to teach the boys morals such as responsibilities, and decisions based on golden rules.

Troop 372 meets in Savannah Elementary (around the back in cafeteria) on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM.  The address is listed below:

Savannah Elementary

1101 Cotton Exchange Dr.

Aubrey, TX 76227

Troop 372