Webelos-To-Boy Scouts

Our primary goal is that the Webelos Scout joins a Troop and continues participation in the Scouting program.

Boy Scouts offer a unique opportunity for boys to learn leadership skills, outdoor skills, and teamwork skills, in an environment that fosters personal growth and moral development. The combination of boy leadership, camping, and team participation within the “Patrol Method”, is not offered in sports, school, or other activities that boys age 11 to 18 participate in. Scouting is built on a set of values that have once again become identified as core American values.

Our second goal is that the Webelos Scout and his family will consider joining Troop 372. We offer a Quality Scouting experience that is fun for the boys and supports the goals and values of Scouting. Please let us know if there is any information we can provide, or questions we can answer to make this transition smooth and exciting!

Webelo to Scout Transition Guide

Troop 372 Uniform and Materials Guide 

Troop 372