The 8 Methods of Scouting

The eight methods of the Scouting movement are the means through which the Aims of Scouting are achieved:

  • Scouting Ideals
  • Patrols
  • Outdoors
  • Advancement
  • Personal Growth
  • Adult Association
  • Leadership Development
  • Uniform


Scouting's methods represent the tools we use, the path we take in reaching for our goals. In every Scouting activity, some element of each of these methods will be evident. Sometimes this will be obvious; often it will not. But the methods are where we concentrate our attention and effort. A balanced combination of these will lead us to the aims.

Some would say that the methods really aren't that important, that it doesn't matter what methods you use as long as you have the same aims and concentrate on those. That's not necessarily true. In any effort, if you concentrate all of your attention and effort on the goal you want to achieve, you can't be paying much attention to how you're getting there and whether the path you're taking will lead to success. Imagine trying to navigate a maze by maintaining your focus on the exit. No matter what you do, you'll soon find yourself lost in the maze.

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