Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

The Senior Patrol Leader is elected by the majority of the youth members registered in the Troop and in attendance at the troop meeting when the election is held. He shall be at least First Class in rank, and shall have served at least one leadership role prior to this position, attended Junior Leader Training, a weekend leadership training conference or one week long leadership conference. His term, which can start at any time, will be until the troop meeting following the next regular election.


  • The ASPL will take over the job of the Senior Patrol Leader in the SPL's absence.
  • Serves as a member of the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC).
  • The ASPL supervises and trains the Troop Quartermaster, Troop Scribe, Troop Historian, Librarian, Bugler, and Chaplain Aide. The ASPL is responsible for the administrative activities of the troop.
  • Makes sure monthly plan is followed and organized. Responsible for making sure equipment and personnel are ready for presentations prior to meeting nights. That includes openings, training, merit badge classes and closings.
  • Membership and advancement of all scouts. Works with all new scouts and makes sure they understand the scouting process and set their goals for their advancement. Makes sure new scouts feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Updates names, addresses, parents names, email and phone numbers of new members and makes changes for current members as needed. Communicates changes and updates to SM, ASM and committee members.
  • Signs books for requirements and advancement. Fills out advancement forms and gives information to SM and advancement chairperson by email.
  • Keeps requirements lists of all troop members. Knows what each patrol needs for most of their members to advance. Discusses advancement and concerns with the Adult Leader in charge of each patrol and each patrol leader. Makes sure all patrol leaders needs are met. Keeps notebook with information updated. Reports to SPL monthly. Discusses with ASPL in charge of activities the requirements and documents needed for all outings and events in order to provide accurate information to Patrol Leaders.
  • Provides leadership, and resource information to the other junior leaders in the troop.
  • Understands the finance and fund raising needs of the troop. Works with the committee members in charge of finance and fundraising. Reports this information to the PLC. Helps collect funds for events, & permission slips. Is responsible along with the troop scribe for troop textiles, sales and ordering. Reports to the SPL the monthly status.


Term: 6 months as ASPL.  Will move to SPL role post ASPL term


Troop 372