Patrol Leader

The Patrol Leader shall be a registered youth member elected by majority vote from the members in his individual patrol. With the exception of the "new scout" patrol(s), he must be a first class scout. His term, which can start at any time, will be for a period not to exceed 6 months, after which an election must be held to determine the next Patrol Leader. The New Scout Patrol Leader's terms may not exceed 3 months. There is no limitation to the number of times a scout can hold the office. However, a Scout can not serve two six month consecutive terms. A new scout patrol Leader may not serve two consecutive 3 month terms.


  • The Patrol Leader shall preside over the Patrol meeting and represent the interest of his patrol at the PLC.
  • The patrol leader shall provide a program within the patrol to insure that every scout may attain the rank of 1st class within the first year of the scout’s membership in the Troop.
  • The patrol leader provides all members of his patrol with information he has received from the PLC, or any troop officer which may be of interest to the patrol.
  • The patrol leader shall appoint the patrol offices of Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Quartermaster, Patrol Scribe, and Yell Leader.


Term: 6 months (unless new patrol)



Troop 372