Patrol Leaders Council

The Patrol Leaders Council (PLC).

A core group of these officers make up the membership of a planning committee known as the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC). The PLC is the primary group responsible for the organization, planning and carrying out of troop activities as well as providing the initial layer of discipline for the Troop. The PLC meetings generally occur the firt Monday following a monthly campout.

The PLC is made up of the following Troop Officers: SPL, ASPL, Scribe, Quartermaster, Troop Guides, and Patrol Leaders (or Assistant Patrol Leaders in the absence of a Patrol Leader). All other officers need not be present at the PLC, but will submit a monthly report to the ASPL, who will in turn, incorporate those notes into his PLC report. The PLC is advised by the ASM(s) and the Scoutmaster. In general, major activities requiring travel or money expenditure need to be cleared with the (adult) Troop Committee.


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