Chaplains Aide

The Troop Chaplain's Aide works to meet the religious needs of the Scouts in the Troop.


  • He is the heart, soul and inspiration of the troop.
  • Councils all scout members of the troop. Acts as mentor, problem solver, and all around attitude adjuster.
  • Knows and does what is good for the Troop, over personal wants.
  • Responsible for providing religious services at troop meetings and events. Promotes the Religious Emblem Program of each faith.
  • Ensures religious holidays are considered during troop program planning. Assigns or does a “Scouts Own” on campouts.
  • Prepares and gives a prayer during the closing for each meeting.
  • Makes sure everyone is “happy” (including leaders). Has a “how can I help you, or what can I do for you” attitude at every meeting or function. Teaches and instructs when asked or needed.

Term: 6 Months

Appointed by SPL, with approval from Scoutmaster

Troop 372