Troop Guide

The Troop Guide will act as an advisor to the "new scout" Patrol(s) in the Troop. He will see to it that the New Patrol is set up properly and is functioning according to the patrol method. Both the Troop Guide and the New Patrol Leader will have one vote at the Patrol Leaders Council. The Troop Guide shall become a member of the patrol which he is a guiding.


  • Introduces new Scouts to troop operations.
  • Guides new Scouts through early Scouting activities.
  • Helps new Scouts earn First Class rank in their first year.
  • Coordinates instruction of basic Scout skills to the new Scouts.
  • Coaches the patrol leader of the new Scout patrol on his duties.
  • Works with the patrol leader of the new Scout patrol on campouts, at troop
    meetings, and at the patrol leaders' council meetings.
  • Counsels individual Scouts on Scouting challenges.
  • Is a voting member of the patrol leaders' council.
  • At the end of his term, passes all relevant records, material, and information to
    the newly appointed troop guide.

Term: 6 months

Appointed by Scoutmaster, Must at least be 1st Class Scout

Troop 372