The Troop Historian keeps a record and / or a scrapbook of troop activities.


  • Gathers pictures and facts about past and current troop activities and keeps them in a historical file or scrapbook.
  • Takes pictures or assign another Scout to take photos of all troop events and functions.
  • Collects memorabilia such as T-shirts, patches, trophies, awards, certificates, or ribbons. Displays all current awards. Files or stores all past collections. Works with Scribe on organization and storage.
  • Keeps information about former members of the troop. Ie: Eagle List, and where are they now, Troop Eagle Plaque.
  • Takes care of troop trophies, ribbons, and souvenirs. Keeps flag ribbons current.
  • Is in charge of Troop Flags. Keeps them properly maintained. Both items must be in inspection order. Any problems need to be reported to the ASPL/SPL, Quartermaster and Committee for repair or replacement.
  • Responsible for all written communication. Such as, thank you notes, articles to magazines, and publications. (Scouters News, Boys Life, Scouting Magazine, local newspapers, television, email reminders, and letters to the editor).
  • Works with the troop webmaster to update the current pictures on the website. Makes a display board of pictures of last event the troop has participated, or arrange to show DVD at a meeting if time supports.
  • Ask Leaders or Committee members to help you when needed. Coordinates with leaders, if they brought cameras, to get copies or have a disk made for the files. Brings displays to Court of Honors, or arranges time and equipment to show the pictures at the COH.
  • Keeps track of any flags, banners or displays borrowed for any troop functions. Keeps a log book of equipment check out and return.
  • Makes sure each Patrol has a current flag displayed. Helps Patrol Leaders with flags. Knows where they are located located and maintains the troop signs, banners, gateway and other displays.


Term: 6 Months

Appointed by SPL, with approval from Scoutmaster

Troop 372