The Troop Quartermaster keeps records of Patrol and Troop equipment and helps keep it in good repair. He is responsible for checking out equipment and sees to it that it is returned in good order.


  • Sees to it that equipment is checked before and after every campout to insure the equipment is returned.
  • Make suggestions to the Senior Patrol Leader and/or PLC as to the needs of new equipment.
  • The Troop Quartermaster shall keep a record of patrol and Troop equipment in a record book provided by the troop and shall keep it in good repair.
  • Keeps equipment labeled, clean, repaired. Maintains supply room, keeping it neat & organized.
  • Checks out and in all equipment borrowed by anyone.
  • Ensures all equipment and supplies are in good working order. Advises ASPL, SPL and committee of repairs or purchases needed.
  • Manages each Patrol Leader and Patrol Guide. Checks that they are maintaining their Patrol Boxes, stoves, pots/pans, and other Patrol equipment. All need to be kept clean, repaired, supplied and organized.
  • Responsible for the Adult Leaders “Blue Box” and equipment.
  • Teaches and trains how to take care of camping equipment properly.
  • Gives monthly report to SPL at PLC meetings. Makes suggestions for new or replacement items.
  • Has knowledge and teaches other troop members on how to hitch up, load, and unload the trailer. Needs to understand weight distribution. Checks tires and trailer condition prior to any campout.

Term: 6 Months

Appointed by SPL, with approval from Scoutmaster

Troop 372