Troop Scribe

Responsible for key communication and administrative duties that serve the scouts, as well as the Troop.


  • The Troop Scribe is responsible for insuring the dues are correctly recorded and all moneys are deposited with the Troop Treasurer.
  • The Scribe shall take the minutes of the PLC and publishes them for the Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee.
  • Communicates all PLC minutes, calendar changes, and monthly plans notes to the SM, ASM, SPL and Committee members.
  • He will also report to the PLC on any delinquent dues owed the Troop and maintain a weekly attendance and uniform log.
  • Works with Patrol Leaders to record Scout attendance at meetings, outings and events. Communicates all in attendance to SM and advancement chairman. Advises SPL and ASPL. Corrects and updates all addresses, phone numbers (cell & home), and email accounts.
  • Makes and keeps recruiting fliers. Organizes an annual recruitment drive at the base, local schools, and businesses.
  • Works with ASM and ASPL to record individual Scout advancement progress.
  • Works with the troop committee member responsible for records and finance. Reports all finance and fundraising matters to the PLC and SPL monthly.
  • Helps the Librarian and Historian with their record keeping and duties. Has a “how can I help you attitude”. Works together as a communication team.


Term: 6 months

Appointed by SPL with Scoutmaster approval



Troop 372